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The Commons
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Considering the cycle of nuclear fuel

The VY debate is not just about electricity, job, taxes, or the local economy. It's also about how nuclear fuel pollutes communities

BILL PEARSON, a familiar antinuclear voice in the Vermont Yankee debate, serves as clerk and secretary of the New England Coalition.

Originally published in The Commons issue #124 (Wednesday, October 26, 2011).

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Comments (2)

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Howard Shaffer (Enfield Nh, US) says...
Mr Pearson is a good writer and strings words together to make a compelling case. His words contain many factual errors and expose that he is acting out of fear rather than reason.After 18 months VY fuel is not too radioactive, it is used to the point of its design where it must be replaced. Boiling Water Reactor fuel can be designed for higher power and longer cycles. Dresden 2&3 reactors operate on a two year cycle and are over 900 MWe.Low enriched reactor fuel can not be made in to ... Read More
28th October 2011 5:48pm
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John Barton (Brattleboro, US) says...
Wow, biased much?You seem to have forgotten that nuclear power, as dangerous as you make it seem, is one of the SAFEST power sources we have.Coal, oil, natural gas, these are all 100's of times more dangerous than nuclear power. They kill people every day. Not just when there's a problem. During normal operation, every day, the main power source of our country kills people at rates far worse than Chernobyl.The alternatives, solar, wind, hydro, are often quite bad for the environment. ... Read More
26th October 2011 3:01pm
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