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Deen, Mrowicki protect safety of constituents

The writer serves as president of GunSenseVT.

I thank Windham County constituents for their generosity and their commitment to gun violence prevention.

The GunSenseVT Victory Fund is a political action committee created to support candidates who have stood up to the gun lobby. Of the 155 donors for the Victory Fund, 98 percent are Vermonters, and nearly a quarter of them are from Windham County. Together, they have raised $6,500 out of our statewide total of $25,300.

It speaks volumes about our county’s determination to rebalance the scales that for too long have been dangerously out of whack.

This upcoming election has high stakes with regards to gun violence prevention. Nearly all of the attention is focused at the national level, but here at home there are local races that are critically important.

For example, in Dummerston, Putney, and Westminster, Representatives Mike Mrowicki and David Deen are facing challenges from two people at the core of Gun Owners of Vermont, which is an affiliate of Gun Owners of America — an organization that is more extreme than the National Rifle Association.

To get a sense of their legislative stance, consider this: during the 2015 legislative push to bring Vermont in line with the other 49 states and pass a state law prohibiting violent felons from possessing weapons, Gun Owners of Vermont was vehemently opposed.

It is essential that we rally around public servants like Mike Mrowicki and David Deen who have the courage to make choices that protect the well-being and safety of their constituents. They deserve our gratitude and our support.

To join those who have made a donation to the GunSenseVT Victory Fund, visit

Ann Braden

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Originally published in The Commons issue #378 (Wednesday, October 12, 2016).

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