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Just assume 70 percent of Vermonters are carrying

RE: “” [, Nov. 30]:

I can’t help but laugh at the comment about “gun shy” restaurant patrons “moving away” or not wanting to “stay in the same building” or “other consequences.”

The last time I open-carried, I had so many questions (“Manufacturer?,” “Caliber?, “How many rounds can you carry?,” “Can I hold it?”) and my gun garnered so many inquisitive and positive comments, I barely had time to break away from conversation to finish my errands.

Pamela Wagner, here’s a bit of advice: This is Vermont, so just go ahead and assume that about 70 percent of the people you run into on the street are concealing a firearm.

Also, thank you for not only demonstrating your complete and utter lack of knowledge concerning Vermont law, but personal safety as well.

I also thank you for using the term “death machines” — your doing so makes it easy for people to realize they shouldn’t take you seriously.

Your little rant makes it crystal clear that you have zero concern over public safety and wish only to “condemn” and “stigmatize” lawful gun owners.

Brian Heybyrne

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Originally published in The Commons issue #378 (Wednesday, October 12, 2016).

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