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Anti-gun supporters like Braden in the same class as pedophiles

RE: “” [, Nov. 30]:

GunSense VT Executive Director Ann Braden will never be a true Vermonter. She is just like Hillary Clinton — a pure liar.

Braden will do anything possible to make her silly little fears trump our Vermont and U.S. Constitutional rights.

I put all anti-gun supporters like Braden and her supporters in the same class as pedophiles: the lowest of the low.

If Ann Braden and her followers don’t like Vermont gun laws, they should move to states that have strict gun laws. Don’t mess with what works for Vermont.

When Donald Trump becomes president — and he will — her head will explode, and her stupid, lying organization will finally collapse.

Jerome Cook

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Originally published in The Commons issue #380 (Wednesday, October 26, 2016).

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