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The Commons
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Is anti-wind Selectboard chair representing all of Windham?

Originally published in The Commons issue #399 (Wednesday, March 15, 2017).

I am disappointed in the head of our Selectboard here in Windham and with the anti-wind group Friends of Windham.

They continue to demonize and wage a smear campaign against any citizen of town whom they deem to be not stepping in line with their interests.

The most recent example is the classless reaction by Frank Seawright, the head of our Selectboard, to the victory of the incumbent member of the board, Kord Scott, whom the FOW ran a candidate against.

I respect members’ passion and their desire to not want any industrial wind project outside their windows. A vote in November was overwhelmingly against the proposed wind project. Not one person I know doesn’t respect that vote. I respect their time and effort in their service to the town. Most of these people I respect as human beings.

I do not respect their attempts at blacklisting and outright unfriendly tactics towards the rest of us.

In fact, Mr. Seawright has to be called to task with the very question of whether he indeed is truly representing all of us — which, by the way, I believe is part of his job description.

It’s unfortunate that this group and Mr. Seawright continues to treat a segment of the population of Windham as the enemy.

We are not the enemy. We are honest, moral people with integrity who are just trying to participate in what I thought was a democracy.

This group’s “self-chosen war,” in fact, inspired a lot of us here and, most importantly — and regardless of how we voted on the wind issue — inspired us to get out and make sure we supported Kord in his wanting to continue the fine service he has given to the town he loves.

Come on, Frank and ya’ll, lighten up.

John Pozzi


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