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The Commons
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The battle is already lost

Originally published in The Commons issue #418 (Wednesday, July 26, 2017).

RE: “It is class warfare. You lost.” [Viewpoint, Jul. 5]:

No, we cannot come up with a solution; the country is already captured and government already seized by those who benefit from the “Raw Deal,” as Thomas Franks termed it.

The rest of the United States, frankly, is too stupid to care, since many from the poorer half and many from the richer half who think they’re still “winners” but are also losing their wealth to the 1 percent just helped vote in a president who promises to further sour the Raw Deal.

I don’t think Americans think of or are capable of thinking through cause and effect for most policies, as evidenced by them voting for a man with literally jack shit in terms of policy plans for the country.

He was voted in because Americans are too stupid to tell the difference between vague jingoist yelling and decent policy proposals.

I have zero sympathy for those Americans. I look forward to the day the rich treat them like the cattle they so desperately want to be.

Prayag Patel

Medford, Mass.

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