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The Commons
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An appreciation of Dr. Cheri Brodhurst, who always puts patients first

Originally published in The Commons issue #420 (Wednesday, August 9, 2017). This story appeared on page D2.

What a loss to the people of Brattleboro that Dr. Cheri Brodhurst has decided to discontinue the obstetric portion of her practice. I feel this loss, a sense of wonder, a huge admiration, and an infinite gratitude for this woman.

Cheri came to us from St. Croix, where she was one of two girls to be the first to join her high-school band. That accomplishment led her to play at the New York World’s Fair, where the bigger world opened to her.

From there, she went on to college and medical school in the United States, followed by an OB-GYN practice in Brattleboro. She has been with us since 1979. She has delivered more than 7,000 babies. Imagine!

More personal to me is the fact that she saved my life.

When Cheri operated on me in 1990, she found a grapefruit-size, malignant tumor. Her concern for my well-bring was obvious. She treated me as a valued person, not just as a statistic. That concern led her to fight for me within the medical system. She was more than a doctor. She was a true advocate — rare in the world of medicine today.

At one point in my life, when I thought I might be without health insurance, Cheri told me she would care for me regardless — very rare in the world of medicine today.

Cheri is more than an accomplished doctor. She is true and good. She always puts patients first. She is a most human of beings.

In her spare time, Cheri works with the Guilford Community Church to sponsor a school in Kenya. Her adopted son just graduated from Clark University. He is headed for a career in physical therapy, with dance as a passion.

Cheri’s hobbies range from building wood furniture to putting roofs on houses. And she still plays her trombone. You can see her marching with the American Legion Band in Brattleboro parades.

Thank goodness Cheri is continuing her gynecology practice. Brattleboro women need this caring practitioner.

My life exists and has been enriched by Cheri Brodhurst.

Sally Fegley


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