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For its message on guns, NRA should be ashamed

Someone has to say it.

In light of the horrifying slaughter in Las Vegas, I hope that the National Rifle Association hangs its head in shame for its clenched-fist-of-truth advertising.

A video that promotes on a mass level the concept of righteousness being leveled upon the masses in the form of justice by a gun group.

A message that so easily could be taken to heart by a person who is deeply suffering like the rest of us over the environmental state of the planet and the economic and political suffering that surrounds us. That suffering can be readily translated in an unbalanced mind into an action such as this. I would bet money that Stephen Paddock, the shooter, had seen this ad.

Some saner messages:

“Everybody loves to see justice done on somebody else.” (Bruce Cockburn.)

“Nothing comes from violence. Nothing ever could.” (Sting.)

“Guns don’t protect people. People protect people.” (My favorite T-shirt.)

T. Breeze Verdant

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Originally published in The Commons issue #429 (Wednesday, October 11, 2017). This story appeared on page E3.

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