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Performing arts

PUTNEY Fables Storytelling: The theme this month is "Tales out of School/K-12." Hosted by Peter "Fish" Case. This is a benefit for the Boys and Girls Club. Cafe has cabaret style seating, a beer and wine cash bar, homemade pizza, popcorn and snacks. 7:30 p.m. (2nd Wed. of every month). By donation. Next Stage Cafe, 15 Kimball Hill. Information: 802-380-1077.


BRATTLEBORO Played Out! Brattleboro LGBT+ Game Night: Calling all LGBT+ folk and allies. Join us for card games, board games, and dice games. Bring your favorites as well as friends. Open to all ages; 16 and under, bring a responsible adult. Fragrance-free. 7 - 9 p.m. on the ground floor (2nd Wed. of every month). Free. The Root Social Justice Center, 28 Williams St., 1st fl. Information: 802-254-3400; Click for more info on Web in new window.


BRATTLEBORO Debating our Rights - The Sixth Amendment : Is the Sixth Amendment going extinct? It guarantees the right to a jury trial, including the right to face one's accusers. Over the last 50 years, the number of criminal defendants who take their case to court has steadily eroded. According to the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, only 3% of state and federal cases now go to a jury trial. The rest end in plea bargains. Meg Mott, who has taught politics and law at Marlboro College for the past 20 years, uses history and political theory to consider the role of each Amendment in the context of the American scheme of justice. "The Sixth Amendment is a particularly tragic Amendment," says Mott. “Juries have always been understood to play a crucial role in defending liberty against an over-zealous prosecutor. With fewer cases going to trial, fewer citizens are weighing and considering the claims of the State. We're losing a key bulwark against arbitrary and capricious use of government power. Trial by jury is being replaced by a system of guilty pleas.". 7 p.m. in the Main Reading Room. Free. Brooks Memorial Library, 224 Main St. Information: 802-254-5290; Click for more info on Web in new window.

BRATTLEBORO Nobody is Above the Law -- Really?: The concepts of a "nation of laws and not people" and the "rule of law" are as old as the nation-state itself. Elbowing aside the "divine rights of kings" this new system would place the law above all else and establish the very foundation of democracy. This presentation will assess how well the US is upholding these essential democratic values. Tim Kipp is a retired U.S. history and political science teacher of 39 years and a political activist since the '60s. Sponsored by: We Celebrate Democracy/Civil Rights For All, positive nonviolent public action for democracy and equal civil rights for all people. 12 noon - 1 p.m. Free. River Garden - Brown Bag Series, 157 Main St. Information: 802-246-0982; Click for more info on Web in new window.


BRATTLEBORO Spouse/Partner Loss Support Groups: 5 p.m. every 2nd and 4th Wed. Free. Brattleboro Area Hospice, 191 Canal St. One meeting with a bereavement counselor before participating is required. Lars Hunter: 802-257-0775 x 104.

BRATTLEBORO Men's Grief Support Group: Men often grieve differently than women, and many men find it easier to express their grief in the company of other men. co-facilitated by Walter Slowinski and Neil Flynn, this group is for men who are grieving a death loss of any type. 3 - 4:30 p.m. 2nd and 4th Wednesdays in the upstairs meeting room. Free. Brattleboro Area Hospice, 191 Canal St. Pre-registration required: Lars Hunter: 802-257-0775 x 10.



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