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Visual arts and shows

BRATTLEBORO David Rohn - Watercolors: Working from observation, Rohn creates elegant paintings from ordinary objects by using form, color, symmetry and rhythm. . Through Sunday, June 9. Free. Mitchell-Giddings Fine Arts, 183 Main St. Information: 802-251-8290; Click for more info on Web in new window.

PUTNEY "Clearing - Recent Work by Barbara Garber": Garber is a painter, printmaker, installation artist. "I have worked in many diverse mediums. I'm influenced and inspired by music and dance and also by what I see around me in southern VT where I've lived for four decades. I start from a place of not knowing where I'm headed. Working on several sheets of Mylar at once, I begin with whatever caught my attention that day: something I found in a hardware store/on a walk/a scrape of paper on the floor. Spraying the outline or making quick marks into wet paint, I'm on my way. I exploit the translucent quality of the Mylar so that lines and textures may remain visible even through several layers. Shapes/patterns migrate from one piece to another as I cut and shift things from here to there, trying to keep the process active/in flux. Progress is slow. Gradually the work unfolds. Ordinary beginnings change into something else until, finally, clarity arrives. Through a sequence of collaged paintings, unexpected associations emerge. Capturing these transient, fragile moments is at the heart of my work: a series of visual haiku.". Gallery opens 30 min. before each event, Saturdays: 10 a.m. - 1 p.m., and by appointment with the artist. Through Monday, August 12. Next Stage Gallery, 15 Kimball Hill. Information: 802-387-0102.

BRATTLEBORO "Remarkable Locations" - Nina Isabelle and Nye Ffarrabas: Nina's 30 monoprints employ Nye's linguistic combustions produced by Nina using an automobile for a printing press. Nina explores art objects that are result of shared languages of processes and processes of languages. Discover Nina's concept of the exhibition space as interactive sculpture. Celebrating Nye's Fluxus event scores, 60 years of visual and interactive art, 70 years of poetry. and Open daily by appointment. Through Friday, June 28. CX Silver Gallery, 814 Western Ave. Information: 802-257-7898; Click for more info on Web in new window.

BRATTLEBORO Gallery 1: Grafica - Woodcuts from the Print Collectives of Oaxaca / Gallery 2: The Theater of Dolls: Gallery 1: Grafica: The artists of Oaxaca have organized the 16 woodcut printmaking studios in the city to work as a cooperative whole. The studios in Central Oaxaca are making a living, garnering international shows. Every studio is a teaching workshop, and apprentices often help to make the woodcuts/execute the printing. Equipment and presses are shared, in the principle of Guelaguetza (community spirit) inherited from the tribal villages and a keynote of Oaxacan life. The movement is political, urban, young, energetic. In addition to gallery images, artists identify as activists by posting broadsides on the fronts of the stucco buildings (also available for sale), or making banners for parades/protests. Gallery 2: The Theater of Dolls: This collection of folk could be described as Character dolls - assembled, they take on the appearance of archetypal actors waiting for the play to begin. Gwen Murphy builds her sculptures with sensitivity to emotional expression and reference to historic detail. They seem to step out of the pages of a book of fantasy, to live in three dimensions. . Through Wednesday, July 3. Free. Gallery in the Woods, 145 Main St. Information: 802-257-4777.


BRATTLEBORO Open Mic for Musicians - Hosted by Kevin Parry: 6 p.m. - 9 p.m. every Thurs. through the summer (Performers receive 50% off their meal). Free. Marina Restaurant, 28 Spring Tree Rd. Sign-up in advance: 802-257-7563,


BRATTLEBORO Paneurythmy, the Dance of Universal Harmony: An uplifting, energizing circle dance taught by Beinsa Douno of Bulgaria and danced around the World. 8 a.m. Wednesday and Sunday. Free. Living Memorial Park, Guilford St. Ext. Information: 802-490-2213.



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