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The written word

Zoom Reading/Discussion: Deni Ellis Bechard's forthcoming novel, "A Song from Far Away": Presented by Marlboro College Alumni Speaker Series, Bechard takes readers from 19th-century Prince Edward Island to modern-day Iraq, tracing the story of a North American family that is at once singular and emblematic. A work of fiction, it explores the cultural repercussions of war and violence, and the meaning of family. "Over the course of many rewrites, the novel's family took shape, with the lives of its members spanning 150 years. Their paths often barely crossed and yet deeply affected each other, so that each new storyline joined the previous to create a larger narrative about the ways that artistic creations can transmit memory and history or catalyze change." . 8 p.m. Open to all. Free. Zoom. Information: Pre-register at

Visual arts and shows

BRATTLEBORO 118 Elliot Presents - The Joy of Painting Online: Our ability to connect with friends and family has been severely inhibited during the Covid crisis. Though some limitations on public gatherings might be lifted, a culture of social distancing might be with us for some time to come. Many of us have been trying to reinvent our lives online, but sometimes this has highlighted our isolation rather than bridging the chasm. A group of us created a drawing group. It helped keep us in touch, but it was not very fulfilling. This changed when Tina Olsen showed us that she had used the time to draw portraits of other participants. We realized that the process of drawing/painting each other created a social connection that had been missing. The potential to actually deepen our relationships through mutual observation became apparent. Since then, we've dedicated our sessions to portraiture. It gives our meetings a shared focus and creates an easy personal interaction between participants online. The rhythm of our conversations became more natural as people worked quietly together. As our group began to grow, we were creating new friendships and deepening old ones. 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Wednesdays. We hope this idea proliferates so smaller groups are created independently. And it does not need to be a group - one-on-one drawing sessions have unusual intimacy. We've heard some artists do portraits of the other participants whenever they're in an online meeting. There are no rules. We encourage you to document your portraits by photo and upload to an archive we'll create. Email photos and we'll upload them to a Flickr page. 118 Elliot will mount a show of selected works in the fall when self-distancing rules relax. Free. One Eighteen Elliot. Information: Email Tina to join this group: Email photos to John Loggia:



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