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Performing arts

PUTNEY Sandglass Theater - Richard 3.5: Light Ruminations on Murder : Eric Bass: "Richard III is perfect for puppets. There's nothing puppets do better than Murder, and Richard III has 11 of them. And there's the metaphorical aspect: Richard treats every other character as a puppet in his hands. Bob Berky and I stayed true to the spirit of Shakespeare’s play even while we took liberties with the text itself. We added asides to the audience to play with and added texts from historical figures whose advice Richard ignores. We did this in the form of a carrier pigeon flying in from the future with letters from Bertrand Russell, Von Moltke, Thomas DeQuincey, plus lines from Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld. To create complicity with the audience, we turned Shakespeare's texts into Music Hall songs. And we played with the idea of puppetry itself, how the puppets, once murdered, are immortal. And so it is with the victims of Richard's rise to power. All those came back to haunt him. But the essence of Richard guided us: the audience loves a smart, witty, successful villain – until it is too late and they can no longer extricate themselves from his crimes.". Trailer: Through Thursday, May 28. $5.99 full video rental for 24 hours. Sandglass Theater. Information:

The written word

BRATTLEBORO Brooks Memorial Library - Curbside Service now available for Physical Materials: You will be notified when your order is ready and a specific pick up time will be arranged. Allow a full business day for fulfillment. You can request up to 10 items at a time. Borrowing limits on DVDs, new books and audio will be observed. We do not have access to materials from other libraries at this time. After you have been notified and a pick up time has been arranged, come to the Main Street entrance to retrieve your items. When you arrive, call us (knock on door if you do not have a cell phone) and inform us of your name. Bring a sign with your name so we may match the items with the borrower and step back 6 ft. feet from door. Staff will bring your items out and place them on the yellow table. Wait until staff is back in the building, with the door closed, before picking up your order. Items can be returned through our Big Blue Bookdrop in the Municipal Center parking lot. We'll only accept materials that have been returned at that location. Through Thursday, May 28. Free. Brooks Memorial Library, 224 Main St. Information: Call 802-254-5290 from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Mon.- Sat. or email

Visual arts and shows

BRATTLEBORO Online: Brattleboro Museum and Art Center : CATALOGUE "Emily Mason: To Another Place": 76-page online catalogue produced in connection with BMAC's 2018-19 survey of the luminous paintings of abstract artist Emily Mason. INTERVIEW "Chaos out of perfection, beauty out of anarchy": In Part 1 of our interview with Roger Clark Miller, the co-founder of Mission of Burma talks about what inspires/influences him, from Cage and Duchamp to Hendrix, Bach, Bartok. Read blog post. VIDEO: 30,000 Dominoes! Lily Hevesh was 14 when she first took part in BMAC's annual Domino Toppling Extravaganza. Seven years later, she's one of the best-known domino artists worldwide. Check out the creation Lily and fellow domino artists built at BMAC in 2015. VIDEO The Davis Square Symphony: "I always swore that I would never make a film." Find out what happens when musician/visual artist Roger Clark Miller transforms traffic patterns into music in his first film project. BMACREATE! "Portraits of Power: Praise and Appreciation for 'Essential Workers'" View Alison Wright's photos of resilient women worldwide, then draw/share your own portrait of someone doing essential work now in your community. PHOTO GALLERY "Coffee and Conversation." This powerful project by photographer Liz LaVorgna brought together people in the Brattleboro area who have stable housing and those who have experienced homelessness, offering participants a chance to look beyond stereotypes and connect as human beings over a cup of coffee. . Through Thursday, May 28. Brattleboro Museum & Art Center. Information:

BELLOWS FALLS Nancy Fitz-Rapalje: "A Still LIfe": Fitz-Rapalje shares new oil paintings in her inaugural Solo Show. She presents paintings from some of her familiar floral still lifes, fruits, and vegetables, done with her calculated, geometric style of brushstrokes. These new paintings focus on intimate details from the artist's life, with paintings depicting sticky-notes, origami, book stacks, color chips, and postcards showing reproductions of artworks from the likes of Braque and Duchamp. To reflect this unique view of the artist’s life, Fitz-Rapalje includes quotes from other artists of importance, in a selection gleaned from decades of reading and saving in her numerous Commonplace Books. "I think of my small paintings as 'companions' rather than an artistic 'statement'. I hope they may exist with generations of a family living around them. I imagine my tulips or peaches being quiet observers of different lives performed in their space. I consider it theater in two directions - observer to painting and painting to observer.". . Through Saturday, June 13. Canal Street Art Gallery. Information: Online viewing:

Ideas and education

Arbor Day Webinar Series - The Resurgence of Red Spruce: The decline and resurgence of red spruce provides the best documented example of the impacts of acid deposition on a tree species in the U.S. This presentation describes the 50+ years of science documenting this changing trajectory for red spruce and highlights connections to other tree species and the possible influence of new factors, including climate change. 10 - 11 a.m. Open to all. Month-long programming on Thursdays offered by the VT Urban and Community Forestry Program, an initiative of the VT Dept. of Forests, Parks and Recreation. Free. Webinar. Information: Register:

BRATTLEBORO Brattlemasters (Toastmasters) talk about "Facts and Fiction" (Zoom online): Fran Tobia of Peru and Edwin Sause each present a five to seven-minute speech on the results of a research project. Both Tobia and Sause have been assigned evaluators who will listen to hear if the speakers have presented a well-organized and well-researched speech. Annamarie Pluhar will emcee an off-the-cuff speaking exercise, reports from an "ah" counter, a grammarian, a timer and a general evaluator. Toastmasters members utilize the Pathways Learning Experience, designed by the non-profit organization to help people learn communication and leadership skills for greater success in their lives. 6 - 7:30 p.m. Shortly before 6 p.m., connect to Zoom link WtyUmtRdGVHQUc5Zz09. Meeting ID is 829 4060 2018 and the Password is 088315. To connect by phone: 646-558-8656. 90-min. meeting includes 10-minute break. Free to anyone - near or far. Vermont Technical College. Information:

Film and video

BRATTLEBORO Shoot the Moon offers Online Videos from their production of "Trump's Fifth Avenue" plus..: Hooker Dunham invites your submissions of short videos and links as well. . Through Thursday, May 28. Hooker-Dunham Theater. Information:,


BRATTLEBORO Stone Church Facebook Page: For those missing the live music at the Stone Church in Brattleboro, there are more and more live-streamed concerts available on Facebook and other platforms. Some of these are shared on our Facebook page and will continue to be shared because it is a great way to support artists in the gig economy while enjoying their music. If you have not joined us on Facebook, please do visit and give us a like. . Through Thursday, May 21. The Stone Church in Brattleboro, 210 Main St. Information:

PUTNEY Yellow Barn Music Haul - Bringing Music to Relief Workers, Volunteers, Neighborhoods, Individuals: Redefining what a concert hall can be, Yellow Barn Music Haul is visiting area food drops, health care institutions, nursing homes, and housebound individuals, playing recorded music for the enjoyment and well being of all. Working with the Windham Southeast Supervisory Union school district and other organizers, Music Haul makes scheduled stops throughout each week. Yellow Barn is following guidelines from the VT Dept. of Health for physical distancing, face coverings, and other precautions to ensure everyone's safety during Music Haul visits. Through Thursday, May 28. Free. Yellow Barn. You can make a recommendation for a Music Haul visit - to a location, organization, or an individual - by emailing:,


BRATTLEBORO Inclusion Center - Zoom Discussion on Politics: 11 a.m. Free. Inclusion Center. Information:

Kids and families

The Amidons Webpage of Stories & Music Activities for Children at Home: Mary Alice and Peter have been using Covid-19 as time at home to film and record some of the work they have been doing with children over the years: storytelling, picture books with music, fingerplays for young chidren, singing games and other music/movement activities. They hope that these might be useful for children at home and for teachers doing online teaching and are also including a few select stories and activities from other folks. . Through Thursday, May 28. The Amidons. Information:

CoVID 19 - Stress on Families and Caregivers: CoVID 19 Stay Home Stay Safe Order: Has this placed additional stress on you and your family or you as a caregiver? Need someone to talk to? We provide support with educational, financial, and emotional concerns while caring for children in a kinship relationship (grandchildren, nieces, nephews, children of close friends or family). Resources are available. . Through Thursday, May 28. Vermont Kin as Parents. Information: Call: 802-871-5104.


VTHelplink - Info and Referrals to Substance-Use-Prevention, Treatment, Recovery: The Vermont Department of Health has launched this to clearinghouse for Vermonters to receive free, confidential, personalized information and referrals to substance-use-prevention, treatment, and recovery services throughout the state. It features a call center of trained staff and clinicians. Callers can get information, referrals, resources, and educational materials on substance use for themselves, family and friends, or on behalf of clients. . Free. Vermont Department of Health. Information:

Community building

HALIFAX Hermit Thrush Homestead Summer CSA: The growing season is just around the corner. Join our CSA and enjoy discounts on starts for your garden, freshly picked veggies, homemade pesto, eggs, and more! This year we're offering a farmstand share - pick up whatever you want, whenever you want at our farmstand, May-November, and we're also offering a delivered share, produce from our farm delivered to your doorstep every other week (delivering to any residence/business in Brattleboro, Guilford, Halifax, Marlboro). We're also offering subsidized shares through NOFA-VT farmshare program - half-price CSA shares for eligible Vermonters. . Through Monday, November 30. Hermit Thrush Homestead, 4615 Green River Rd. Information:,

DUMMERSTON Full Plate Farm - Community Supported Agriculture) - Serving Brattleboro, Dummerston, Putney, Marlboro, Wilmington: We produce over 100 varieties of gourmet quality vegetables with a focus on the most delectable, nutritious, and beautiful varieties we can find. We grow our veggies using natural, holistic practices with the belief that healthy soil and plants equal nutritious food for our members. During this time of crisis, we'll be instituting an online ordering system for all of our CSA pick ups. This will allow members to choose which veggies they get in their shares and also keep distribution contact-free. CSA pick up locations will be following strict social distancing protocols. We'll be expanding CSA pick up hours at the farm to diffuse traffic in our barn and parking area. We hope to raise funds to help out those folks who have lost their jobs or are temporarily out of work to be able to afford a CSA share this year. We'll be opening an online farm stand for pre-ordered, pre-packed shopping. We're creating a list of volunteers who can deliver CSA shares to members who need to stay in place. If you are able, consider donating to the NOFA VT farm share program which will match your contribution towards supporting our low income CSA members (make sure to note that the donation is for Full Plate Farm CSA). Through Sunday, June 7. Full Plate Farm, 440 Miller Rd. Information: ; Click for more info on Web in new window.

Planned Parenthood: The health and safety of our patients and employees is our top priority. We also know that your sexual and reproductive health care can't wait. That's why our doors remain open and why we are committed to meeting all the needs of our current and new patients. We are now trying to serve as many patients over the phone or over a secure video conference as possible, while still offering in-person visits when necessary. This change will allow us to serve as many patients in need as possible, in the safest way possible and will help protect you, our staff, and our communities from the spread of COVID-19. . Through Sunday, May 31. Planned Parenthood of Northern New England. More information / locations:

PUTNEY Next Stage Arts Project Rings its Historic Church Bell Nightly: The ringing of the bell is an act of solidarity, sending a clear message to our community that we're all in this together during social distancing. Joining communities around the country participating in noise-making, we're asking the community to bang pots and pans, honk horns, and be loud to let neighbors know they're in our thoughts. The historic church bell's former use as a signal to commune harkens back to a time when the building was a meeting house and church, allowing the community a space to congregate. 8 p.m. nightly for 2 minutes. Through Sunday, May 31. Next Stage Arts Project. Information: 802-387-0102; Click for more info on Web in new window.

BELLOWS FALLS Rockingham Free Library offers services - Help & Helpers Page: The Library is making sure parents and families can find online resources including how to access free books, entertainment, educational support. Plus online resources including downloadable audio and ebooks, online classes, Ancestry genealogy, the Library’s Historic Photograph Collection, Bellows Falls Union High School Year Books, 2019 Tax Assistance, Remote Tech Help. Many resources require a Rockingham Library card. Rockingham residents, property owners, WNESU students and teachers can apply for a free temporary digital card. To renew your card, contact the Library. Through Thursday, May 28. Free. Rockingham Free Public Library, 65 Westminster St. Information: 802-463-4270,

Green Up Day: Green Up Day has been put off until May 30, but you can get your bags and do your picking up anytime between now and then. Sooner is better, before the vegetation starts to hide the trash! Green Up Day is a special day in Vermont when thousands of volunteers get involved in a community wide spring clean up of roadside litter. It is the largest statewide volunteer event in Vermont with over 22,500 taking part, and the longest running statewide Green Up Day in the United States. Visit website for your towns contact info and details. Through Saturday, May 30. Green Up Day. Information and contacts:

Deerfield Valley Lions Club/Rotary Club offers Neighbors Connect (Dover, Whitingham, Wilmington, Halifax): During this pandemic, The Deerfield Valley Lions Club has initiated a telephone "check-in" program called Neighbors Connect. Meg Staloff, who created it, was inspired by the social concept of Mutual Aid, in which members of a community reach out to support each other in times of crisis. The current pandemic is unique in that people are being asked to keep away from each other, at a time when everyone most needs comfort and support. Because of this "social distancing" policy, Staloff has designed the Neighbors Connect program as a telephone and texting outreach. Instead of in-person visits, volunteers will check in with neighbors who are isolated or at risk due to age, health, economic, other challenges. In addition to offering the comfort of a sympathetic ear, volunteers will have a list of practical resources that can help connect people to food, health care, sobriety, mental health resources and senior services. Training sessions for Neighbors Connect are also offered online. Volunteers give folks a call to let them know how they can get help if they need it and also just to check in and let them know that people care. Through Thursday, May 28. Neighbors Connect. Information:

Emergency Funds Available for Artists: The New England Foundation for the Arts has awarded $47,000 to the VT Arts Council to support emergency relief for VT artists hit hard by the economic impact of COVID-19. The funding is part of $282,000 IN emergency relief from NEFA, divided equally among the 6 New England state art agencies in CT, ME, MA, NH, RI, VT. The funds supplement the VT Art's Council's Rapid Response Artist Relief Fund (established 3/24/20) to provide grants of up to $500 to artists experiencing financial hardship due to loss of a job/cancellation of concerts, festivals, theatrical performances, other arts events because of COVID-19. The crisis has greatly affected individual artists in VT, many of whom are self-employed. Arts and culture are vital anchors for many VT communities, providing over 40,000 creative-sector jobs and comprising 9.3 percent of all employment in VT, higher than the national average. Other funding will come from a new Arts Recovery Fund philanthropic partnership between the VT Arts Council and the VT Community Foundation as well as from the National Endowment for the Arts CARES Act funds. Private donations to the Fund are welcome and can be made at A week after the fund opened, the VAC received 183 requests for emergency relief funding from artists across VT and has awarded 164 grants totaling $64,435 to artists. Vermont Arts Council. Guidelines/application: artist-relief.

BRATTLEBORO Brooks Memorial Library Updates - Virtual Library: For quick and easy updates about the community and library, as well as links to online services and fun things to do at home, go to Brooks Memorial Library's Virtual Library. Share with everyone. We are frequently updating it make it easy for people to navigate through information. Also: Free wi-fi is available 24/7 in the parking spaces near the main entrance. Free. Brooks Memorial Library. Information:

Arts and crafts

PUTNEY Live-Streams - Family Puppet Craft with Sandglass Theater: Puppet crafts with Jana and Shoshana. Creative expression and art making. Fun for the whole family. 2 - 3 p.m. on Thursdays. Through Thursday, May 28. Free. Sandglass Theater. Information: 802-387-4051; Click for more info on Web in new window.


African Dance Vermont - West African Dance and Drum Classes (Online): Variety of teachers. Join any time. All levels welcome. Various days and times. Cost varies. African Dance. Information:



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