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The written word

The Quarantine Sessions - Chard deNiord - Poetry (YouTube): Chard deNiord is an American author, Poet Laureate of Vermont and teacher. Offered by Next Stage Arts. . Through Thursday, August 27. Free. YouTube. Information:

Visual arts and shows

BELLOWS FALLS Nancy Fitz-Rapalje: "A Still LIfe": Fitz-Rapalje shares new oil paintings in her inaugural Solo Show. She presents paintings from some of her familiar floral still lifes, fruits, and vegetables, done with her calculated, geometric style of brushstrokes. These new paintings focus on intimate details from the artist's life, with paintings depicting sticky-notes, origami, book stacks, color chips, and postcards showing reproductions of artworks from the likes of Braque and Duchamp. To reflect this unique view of the artist’s life, Fitz-Rapalje includes quotes from other artists of importance, in a selection gleaned from decades of reading and saving in her numerous Commonplace Books. "I think of my small paintings as 'companions' rather than an artistic 'statement'. I hope they may exist with generations of a family living around them. I imagine my tulips or peaches being quiet observers of different lives performed in their space. I consider it theater in two directions - observer to painting and painting to observer.". . Through Saturday, June 13. Canal Street Art Gallery. Information: Online viewing:


The Quarantine Sessions - Jed Blume performs "Spellbound" on Handpan (YouTube): Jed is a New Age & World music composer. Part of Next Stage Arts Project. . Through Monday, August 31. Free. YouTube. Information:


BRATTLEBORO Caregiver Support: 3 - 4:30 p.m. (1st Thursday of every month). Free. The Gathering Place, 30 Terrace St. Information: 802-254-6559; Click for more info on Web in new window.

Community building

Slow Living Summit (Virtual): Bill McKibben, Founder,; Frances Moore Lappé, author, "Diet For A Small Planet"; Tom Newmark, New Chapter, The Carbon Underground, Finca Luna Nueva Lodge; Sandra Steingraber, biologist, author, and cancer survivor. . Through Friday, June 5. $25. Slow Living Summit. Information:

DUMMERSTON Monarch Butterfly Project - Dummerston Conservation Commission (DCC): Nationally, conservation biologists have long dubbed Monarch butterflies precarious population as the "canary in the cornfield." In 2018, Judy Fink, a Dummerston Conservation Commissioner, bought a Swamp Milkweed plant from grower Helen O’Donnell at Bunker Farm and planted it in her garden. This small and unassuming native perennial was inundated with and devoured by Monarch caterpillars, chrysalises formed throughout her yard, and adult Monarchs emerged. Thrilled with these results, Judy purchased more plants from Helen and planted them in 2019. It was a banner year for Monarchs in VT, especially in Judy's garden. Based on this tiny success story, the Dummerston Conservation Commission, in partnership with Bunker Farm, is inviting Dummerston residents interested in inviting Monarch butterflies into their gardens to plant Swamp Milkweed and monitor adult, caterpillar, and chrysalis activity this summer. 4-7 p.m. Dummerston Conservation Commission, Bunker Farm, 857 Bunker Road. Information: 802-257-0012; Click for more info on Web in new window.


Indivisible National Activist Call - "Relational Organizing Amidst Racial Violence" (Zoom): How do Indivisibles talk within our groups about and amidst this national moment? This mini-training will teach you how to use the fundamentals of relational organizing to escalate white folks and non-black people of color from allies to accomplices, both in casual conversations and in concrete anti-racist action steps within our communities. 8 p.m. EST. Indivisible. Register: - "What We Must Do to Dismantle White Supremacy" (Zoom): We're in a moment where people are rising up and taking to the streets to demand justice for Black lives. The state sanctioned violence against Black bodies against the landscape of the current pandemic has reached a fever pitch. Hear from our organizers and partners about ways you can show up in this moment. We'll be getting politically aligned around what it means to steep our work in racial justice and equity, ways to work towards dismantling white supremacy, actions you can take. We must defend Black lives and take collective action!. 8 p.m. EST. Free. Register:



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