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BRATTLEBORO Women's History Month: "GRRRLS to the Front" - Women Belong in the Booth Production Workshops: "Spotlight on women (inclusive of cis and trans women and girls as well as non-binary people affected by gender oppression). "For March, we've booked women-fronted bands and created a curriculum and workshop for women about the production side of live music. In the music industry, women have historically been grossly under-represented. We are passionate and committed to keeping a lens on inclusion and representation.". 6-8 p.m. Four-week course on Tuesdays. No experience or registration required. Week 1: Fundamentals. What is sound, really? How do microphones and speakers work? And the most important skill, how do you correctly wrap a microphone cable? Week 2: Meet the mixing desk. Gain structure, EQ, stage monitors, feedback. Week 3: Hands-on, mix a band. Mic a drum set, vocals, electric and acoustic guitars. Week 4: Advanced topics i.e. recording, mic types, iPad remote mixing, room acoustics, or anything else people want to touch on. Lead engineer Dan Richardson leads classes. Light refreshments. Sponsored by the Vermont Women's Fund - supporting structural change to advance gender equity and justice in VT. Through Tuesday, March 28. Free. The Stone Church in Brattleboro, 210 Main St. Information: 802-579-9960; Click for more info on Web in new window.

Kids and families

BRATTLEBORO Sing & Dance with Robin: This class offers an enriching musical experience for toddlers and preschoolers (ages 5 and under). Designed to support healthy cognitive, physical, and social development, children will sing, clap, stomp, dance, and play along with the curriculum of traditional and modern folk songs. Parents encouraged to sing and participate with their child in class. 10:30 a.m. on Tuesdays in the Community Room. Through Tuesday, April 25. Free. Brooks Memorial Library, 224 Main St. Information: 802-254-5290; Click for more info on Web in new window.

BRATTLEBORO Read to a Dog - "Paws to Read": Read out loud to Kelso the Dog (and his human, Everett) to celebrate. Kelso is specially trained to read with kids and loves to be petted and cuddled. Give him a treat when you're done and you'll have a buddy for life. All ages welcome. 3:30-5 p.m. Come to the Children's Room for a date with Kelso dates experienced on a first come first serve basis. Bring your own books or come early to pick some of ours!. Free. Brooks Memorial Library, 224 Main St. Information: 802-254-5290; Click for more info on Web in new window.


BRATTLEBORO Brattleboro Walk-In Clinic: Primary medical treatment for patients ages 18 to 64 in our community who do not have health insurance or who cannot afford their high deductibles or co-insurance. 5 - 6:30 p.m. on Tuesdays. Brattleboro Walk-In Clinic, 191 Clark Ave. Information: 802-251-8484; Click for more info on Web in new window.



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