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Courtesy photo/Kris Cain

Filmmaker Tim Wessel gets on the other side of the camera as his quest for a house in Brattleboro is documented for an episode of the reality television program “House Hunters” that will air July 8. To Wessel’s right: Frederic Noyes and real estate agent John Hatton of Berkeley and Veller. Filming is Wessel’s business partner, Dan Lyons.


Camera focuses on ‘House Hunter’ filmmaker

HGTV show features Brattleboro, Wessel’s quest

BRATTLEBORO—Stepping in front of the camera was a big move for town resident and television producer Tim Wessel.

Co-owner of Vermont Film Group, Wessel and business partner Dan Lyons have served as subcontractors for camera and audio work on multiple episodes of the popular HGTV shows “House Hunters” and “House Hunters International.”

In a twist, on Tuesday, July 8 at 10 p.m. on HGTV, Wessel’s own house hunting adventure will air.

In the episode, Wessel views three houses in town before choosing one to call home sweet home.

According to Wessel, “House Hunters” episodes attract between 4 million and 8 million viewers.

When asked what inspired him to document his own house hunt, Wessel said her remembered thinking partway though the shoot, “Why the hell did I agree to this?”

On a serious note, Wessel added that he thought that going through the process on camera would make him a better director of photography on future shoots for the program.

“I thrive on understanding all aspects of production,” he said.

The hardest part of shooting for Wessel was taking off his director of photography hat and not inserting himself in behind the camera work.

He said the process has given him a better understanding of what the potential home owners go through during their house hunt.

“I’m not a naturally on-camera personality,” Wessel joked.

Wessel said the producer finally told him that, “You’re not a production guy. You’re a just a guy looking at a house.”

Starring in his own house hunt helped Wessel understand the importance of being himself on camera, a lesson he plans to bring to future shoots.

Being yourself may sound like a cliche, he said, but it’s important to remember “otherwise your personality doesn’t come through."

Wessel worked with local real estate agent John Hatton of Berkeley & Veller.

The program also featured parts of downtown Brattleboro. Wessel said the “decision scene” took place in Kipling’s Resataurant and Pub on Elliot Street.

Wessel had been living in an apartment on Frost Street. The apartment sat above his offices for Vermont Films. As nice as it was to be close to work, Wessel wanted a little better separation between his work and home life.

As for the house he chose, Wessel said that people will have to watch the show July 8 to learn his decision.

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Originally published in The Commons issue #261 (Wednesday, July 2, 2014). This story appeared on page A6.

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