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The press must face its own hypocrisy and political bias and work to do better

RE: “Make no mistake: This attack on our free press — your free press — is deliberate and calculated.” [Editorial, Aug. 15]:

A lot of people now distrust the press. It has little to do with what Trump says and more to do with the press and what it chooses to report and chooses to ignore.

Rosanne Barr was fired from her TV show for comparing Valerie Jarrett to an ape, yet Bill Maher was not fired for asking if Donald Trump was related to an orangutan, nor was he attacked or fired for being homophobic when he vividly suggested Trump and Putin had shared a sex act.

The “cages” separating children from parents at the border existed in 2014 under the Obama administration, yet the press has yet to ask Obama why he did nothing.

The press assails the NRA and all its members as promoting gun violence, yet when Antifa protesters marched in August with signs saying “It takes a bullet to stop the fash” there was no press accusing Antifa of promoting gun violence.

The New York Times, which famously glossed over the Holocaust, hired Sarah Jeong, who made comments such as white people should “live underground” and has a hashtag #cancelwhitepeople. Imagine her saying that about any other group or race; her career would have ended.

Obama was caught on an open mic commenting how he’d “have more flexibility after the election,” a message for Vladimir Putin, indicating a relationship, yet there was no criticism. Obama also famously chided Trump and said nobody could interfere in our elections.

Al Gore and other celebrities go on about climate change and over-consumption and pollution, lecturing common people, yet they are the biggest offenders of their own alleged beliefs. The media has yet to attack their lifestyles and demand they live accordingly.

U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters suggests that anyone involved with Trump should be thrown out of businesses and not allowed to go anywhere without being confronted.

Opposing viewpoints are shut down on college campuses by rioting students, and there is no cry of censorship or worry about freedom of speech; if we don’t like you, you must be silent. Meanwhile, Facebook, Google, and other companies are taking it upon themselves to determine for all of us what should be seen and what won’t. Are we OK with this?

Trump supporters, conservatives, liberals, libertarians, others: we are all Americans first. Each of our political viewpoints has a right to be heard. As David Duke spews hate speech, so does Louis Farrakhan, who called for an “end” to white men.

Then there is the dangerous hashtag #HuntRepublicans. Hate is hate, no matter the race, religion, or political affiliation it’s directed at.

The press must face its own hypocrisy and political bias and work to do better; this is what has destroyed the public’s trust.

Sandy Golden
Hinsdale, N.H.

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