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Why, oh why, do legislators believe what lobbyists say about safety of 5G?

With their push to legalize the 5G rollout in Vermont by succumbing to the pressure of industry lobbyists, the Legislature and Public Utility Commission fail in their jobs — fail to listen to citizens screaming, “Foul! Foul!”

Everyday citizens of Vermont have done the research the legislators, commissioners, and the industry have failed to do.

No studies by the industry have been done and yet they are willing to barge full steam ahead in their experiment on all us human guinea pigs and radiate the entire environment with various frequencies of microwave radiation.

Do you want to live in a microwave? Do you want to be slow cooked? I do not. Not me, nor my family, nor my friends!

Besides, I believe this crackpot idea is against the law — our right to safety, as stated very clearly in the Vermont Constitution.

Literally thousands of independent scientific studies have shown 5G radiation to be harmful, and sometimes lethal, to life.

Why, oh why, do legislators believe lies provided them by lobbyists for the industry? Why do legislators forget their oath of office or forget to consult the constitution?

Why would any legislator believe a lobbyist who says something to the effect of ”5G will never come to Vermont because it is not financially feasible”? If it isn’t “financially feasible,” why would industry pay lobbyists to come to Vermont’s legislators urging them to pass a bill (H.513) that promotes harm to Vermonters?

Of course, no lobbyists will tell the whole story — i.e., the truth about 5G.

Why would legislators believe anything a lobbyist says? Lobbyists are paid to lie — to misrepresent truth — in order to present a false image of their employer. Otherwise, a beneficial service or product would speak for itself: there would be no need for their services.

I’m calling on all legislators to believe the people who have provided testimonies and research evidence that 5G is harmful to all life! H.513 endangers all life in Vermont and is contrary to already existing law. This bill must fail to pass!

Legislators, please do not fail us again. Vermonters have unalienable rights to life and safety. Nothing trumps this truth or these rights. Vermonters are for a future of their own design, not an artificially induced one.

Lynn Russell

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Originally published in The Commons issue #509 (Wednesday, May 8, 2019). This story appeared on page D2.

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