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Candidate statement: Dunbar for Bellows Falls Village Trustee

I am writing to announce my candidacy for trustee of the Village of Bellows Falls and ask for the support of voters at the polls on June 16.

Bellows Falls is where I grew up after my family moved to the village in 1974. I have lived in many other towns and cities since that time and returned in 2006 to again make the area my home.

I am passionate about our town and want to do my part to bring growth to our community. I love the people of Bellows Falls, and I am proud to be counted among those dedicated to ensuring a bright future for our village.

It is my dream that our children will have the opportunity to experience joys similar to those I cherish from growing up here, of being able to walk safely home from school, of seeing examples of community engagement, of good leadership, of helping and caring for our neighbors, of maintaining our traditions, preserving our buildings, and connecting with the landscape that makes our village unique and wonderful.

I want Bellows Falls to be a place where our children will want to return and where new folks will want to move, raise families, start businesses, get involved, implement change, and prosper.

As a resident, I am concerned about balancing short-term obligations with long-term planning, of developing a collective vision and executing a plan for achievement, of developing a mutually supportive relationship with managers and providing them the freedom to lead.

I am interested in attracting new businesses and investment and being an area where talented and entrepreneurial individuals will want to work and reside.

I am concerned with having sufficient resources to manage debt while ensuring a foundation for growth. I am concerned about substance abuse within the community, the availability of safe and affordable housing, health, and community wellness.

While I recognize that the primary role of a trustee is to serve a fiduciary responsibility to the maintenance of the village, I hope to also inspire community engagement and civility, contribute to stable governance, influence long-term planning, facilitate fiscal responsibility, and establish a momentum of progress, so that our children and tomorrow’s citizens will enjoy a thriving town and village.

Engagement is the first step toward progress. Please get involved and show your support for the future of our community.

Jeff Dunbar
Bellows Falls

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Originally published in The Commons issue #562 (Wednesday, May 20, 2020). This story appeared on page B3.

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