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When considering whether Scott deserves re-election, look at the full picture

At first glance, Phil Scott seems to be an obvious choice for governor, because Vermont’s COVID-19 numbers look so good.

But, in reality, he is doing what any responsible governor should do in this time of public health crisis. We should not compare him to the reprehensible behavior of other Republican governors with large losses of life in their states

I’m not sure Vermonters would stand for that kind of leadership. Those whom I’ve talked with wouldn’t comply with a COVID-be-damned, business-as-usual leader. In fact, over the summer, business owners in Bellows Falls demanded that the governor issue a mask mandate!

Moreover, we are a rural state, we care about our neighbors, and we believe in science, so we are quite willing to follow the recommendations of our epidemiologist, Mark Levine M.D.

So looking beyond COVID-19, Phil Scott’s record is troubling for those of us who believe in the values of the Democratic and Progressive parties. Just this year:

• He vetoed a paid family leave bill passed by a large majority in the House and Senate;

• He vetoed a bill raising the minimum wage;

• He wanted to delay approval of universal mail-in ballots for Vermonters during the pandemic;

• He vetoed the Global Warming Solutions Act; and

• He vetoed the Act 250 reform bill.

And those are just some of what he’s done this past year!

In his six years in office, Scott has vetoed 20 bills and tripartisan budgets that the Legislature put on his desk. Just consider the time and work your senators and reps put in to craft a bill only to have it amount to nothing.

In contrast, David Zuckerman believes in providing our workers a livable wage, in offering paid family leave, in responding to the peril that climate change is putting us in, and in providing affordable health care as a human right to all Vermonters.

So please consider the whole Phil Scott picture when deciding whom to vote for as governor. David Zuckerman has promised to continue to use Dr. Levine. He’s one horse you don’t change in midstream, but Scott you can change.

So thank Scott for following the science, but cast your vote instead for Democratic values and David Zuckerman.

Matthew J. Peake, M.D.

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Originally published in The Commons issue #583 (Wednesday, October 14, 2020). This story appeared on page B4.

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