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Questioning legality of Rescue vote

Editor’s note: The Brattleboro Selectboard uses Robert’s Rules of Order for Small Assemblies, which make the process of seconding motions as an option for the organization. “We don’t do seconds, ever,” Selectboard member Tim Wessel told The Commons.

RE: “Brattleboro breaks ties with Rescue” [News, Apr. 20]:

I watched the three-plus-hour Brattleboro Selectboard meeting concerning the Golden Cross Ambulance contract, and at the very end of the meeting, the motion was made and immediately a vote was taken without a second.

According to Robert’s Rules of Order, a second is a must before a vote is taken.

Just questioning a legal vote.

Mary Gray

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Originally published in The Commons issue #663 (Wednesday, May 11, 2022). This story appeared on page C2.

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