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Artu and Hashim will bring new energy, experience to Senate

Isaac Evans-Frantz is a candidate for U.S. Senate.

RE: “Windham County to elect new state Senate roster” [News, May. 4]:

I am excited to support the campaigns of Wichie Artu and Nader Hashim. These two young men have proven track records delivering results for the people of Windham County and will bring needed new energy and experience to the Vermont Senate.

Both Wichie and Nader care deeply about our community. I first connected with Wichie when he, as a vice president of the Windham County NAACP, helped my husband and me obtain a Covid vaccine. He showed initiative and concern for our community and fought to make sure people had access to this critical health care.

Having gotten to know Nader, I’ve been impressed by the diversity of his experiences, as both a state trooper and Vermont state representative. His dedication to public service, and thoughtfulness, will make him an effective senator.

As Sen. Becca Balint and Sen. Jeanette White both leave their seats, voters have an opportunity to elect new voices who will help to further ensure that all members of our community are heard and represented in Montpelier.

In light of the challenges facing our state — including the housing crisis, climate emergency, and racial injustice — leaders like Wichie Artu and Nader Hashim are standing up with vision and energy. I encourage readers to vote for them in the Democratic primary for Vermont State Senate on August 9.

Isaac Evans-Frantz

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Originally published in The Commons issue #665 (Wednesday, May 25, 2022). This story appeared on page C2.

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