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Elwell joins Groundworks staff as interim deputy executive director

BRATTLEBORO—Executive Director Josh Davis and the Groundworks Collaborative board of directors recently announced that former Brattleboro Town Manager Peter Elwell has joined the Groundworks staff as interim deputy executive director.

According to a news release, the organization said that Elwell’s appointment “is timely, as he will assist Davis and the Groundworks team as they continue to navigate a period of significant transition coming out of the pandemic. Additionally, Davis will be taking intermittent leave over the next few months to support his family through a significant health issue.”

“Personally, it’s clear that I need to take some time to support my family; and we are grateful to have Peter stepping into active Groundworks staff work during this critically important time for the organization,” said Davis. He noted the substantive upcoming changes to the emergency motel program converging with Groundworks’ continued innovation to address basic needs in the community.

He says in addition to Elwell’s experience with management, he’s commited to Groundworks’ mission, services, and community partners.

Elwell joined the Groundworks board of directors in October 2022. He will take a leave of absence from the board during his service as a member of Groundworks’ staff.

Both Davis and Elwell emphasized that, as his title suggests, Elwell’s new role will be temporary, albeit for an as yet undetermined period of time.

“I’ll serve in this role for as long as I am useful to Josh and the Groundworks team during this transitional time,” said Elwell, “and then I’ll be happy to shift back into serving on the board.”

Davis said that in addition to assisting him and the Groundworks leadership team on matters related to Groundworks’ daily operations, Elwell’s work will focus primarily on planning and communications.

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Originally published in The Commons issue #706 (Wednesday, March 15, 2023). This story appeared on page A5.

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