Allan Slicer, a first-grader who lives at Ledgewood Heights, intently works at the Art in the Neighborhood table during the May 16 grand opening party for the new playground at the housing complex.
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A vital project for kids, an investment in their future

Ledgewood Heights opens new playground as an essential community resource

BRATTLEBORO-The more than 80 children who live at Ledgewood Heights, a 41-unit neighborhood for low- and moderate-income families run by Brattleboro Housing Partnerships (BHP), now have a new state-of-the-art playground.

On May 16, BHP celebrated that milestone with a grand opening party that featured ice cream, face painting, and lots of smiles and laughter.

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Voters approve $1.8M budget, water line bond

BELLOWS FALLS-Most of the articles considered at Monday's Annual Meeting of the village were housekeeping items that passed without much comment or discussion. But two of the articles - the $1.67 million village budget, and borrowing $650,000 to replace the Kissell Hill water line - prompted considerable discussion. In the end, all the articles passed, including an amended Article 5. Regarding the village budget, most voters stated that they were fine with the budget but were concerned about a couple...

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Windham County lawmakers reflect on months of compromise, celebration, concern, and chaos

BRATTLEBORO-It was a tough legislative session with lots of action, reaction, traction, and factions, and it made Gov. Phil Scott so uneasy he said it convinced him to run for a fifth term in office. Windham County's legislators were in the thick of it from start to finish. The session isn't quite over yet, however. Bills that passed through the House and Senate are now on Scott's desk, awaiting his signature. If or when he declines to sign them, a...

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Legislature will include new faces from county in '25

BRATTLEBORO-It may not be odd that there will be several races for seats in the House of Representatives this fall, but it is unusual that two of the people leaving are named Tristan. Both Tristan Roberts, D-Halifax, and Tristan Toleno, D-Brattleboro, are stepping away from the Legislature. Sara Coffey, D-Guilford, is also leaving the House. And Emilie Kornheiser, D-Brattleboro, who is not leaving, will face a challenger in the Democratic Party primary, with Amanda Ellis-Thurber of West Brattleboro announcing her...

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Serving hungry people with kindness and empathy

BRATTLEBORO-Carolyn Pieciak can tell you how she made peanut butter, jelly, and Fluff sandwiches for her son, State Treasurer Mike Pieciak, long before he sank his teeth into Vermont's financial ledgers. But the 78-year-old Brattleboro resident would rather chew over the smorgasbord of meals she has coordinated as founding leader of St. Brigid's, one of the region's largest soup kitchens. "They say to cook chicken to 165 degrees," she began a recent interview, "although dark meat isn't fully done at...

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The color of medicine

BRATTLEBORO-Medically, the only two ways in which white patients and Black patients differ are skin color and hair type. That's it. Everything else is a social, not a racial, construct. Yet it is not widely known, at least among the white population, that there is medicine for them and then there's medicine for African Americans and other people of color. The medical establishment has now acknowledged that there is a problem. And, in Windham County, both Brattleboro Memorial Hospital and...

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Clock ticks for weighing in on license renewals for hydro projects

BELLOWS FALLS-Three Vermont hydroelectric dams and generating stations on the Connecticut River in Wilder, Bellows Falls, and Vernon, plus two in Massachusetts, are in the process of renewing their operating licenses - a process that has been extended for public comment by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) until Wednesday, May 22. The operating license renewing process has been going on since 2012. The facilities were last issued licenses by FERC over 40 years ago and the licenses for the...

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A wealth-tax bill roared to victory in the House. Then it died in the Senate. What happened?

BRATTLEBORO-If there can be an obituary for a piece of legislation, then this is it: H.829, we hardly knew ye. H.829 was enthusiastically passed by the Vermont House of Representatives, 97–42 but was killed in the Senate. From the beginning of the legislative session, H.829 was spoken about reverently by its supporters in Windham County. Its intent was to increase affordable housing in a number of ways by investing $900 million over the next 10 years. But where would the...

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Winston Prouty seeks to build 300 affordable housing units

BRATTLEBORO-Chloe Learey, executive director of the Winston Prouty Center for Child and Family Development in West Brattleboro, has a vision to build 300 units of diverse housing on the center's 180-acre campus. Guided by the belief that an inclusive community is ultimately healthier for everyone, Learey's goal is to provide housing that is affordable to many people with different needs. "I imagine a neighborhood where you don't say, 'Oh, there's the poor people's building. There's the old people's building,'" Learey...

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