Shela Linton

Dever: a voice for many who felt like they might not have a place in the conversation

It brings me joy and I'm happy to say that I support Lana Dever for the Brattleboro seat on the Windham Southeast School Board.

As a former Brattleboro Town School Board member and as a Black single mother who supported my two children in navigating the school system, I am acutely aware of what it takes and what it means to be a parent and to be in leadership to help support, hold accountable, and improve our school district.

Now my children are older, I am a grandparent, and the importance of strong leadership is no different. I think about my grandbaby who attends one of the school district's preschool programs and will be entering kindergarten at one of the local schools in the fall.

I want for this next generation to be supported in their times - meaning that change is necessary for growth and that we must be creative, open, and willing to listen to what our communities need and to the voices that have been most impacted by these systems.

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Bearing the brunt of the cuts

Proposed cuts to programs are an attack on women and families who struggle in a poverty economy

One of the most important lessons I've learned in life is that when you have a problem, you figure out what's causing it and get down to the root of the matter. Governor Peter Shumlin's proposals to cap Reach Up in Vermont and limit the Earned Income Tax Credit...

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