Deb Schulze

If Vermont Yankee closes, Windham County will just get poorer

Carlton, Wis. is a little town on the Lake Michigan shore, less than an hour's drive from Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers.

Sounds like a pretty little corner of the world to call home. But apparently not enough people think so, because the real estate listings that I checked a few days ago are full of really nice homes selling for under $100,000.

Carlton is another Midwestern town hit hard by the recession, and next month residents there will take another blow: Kewaunee, the local nuclear power station, will close.

According to local media, it is not closing due to safety issues. Nor is the state of Wisconsin trying to shut them down. The problem is the plant's owner, Dominion, and the state's utilities cannot agree on a contract.

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