Martha M. Moravec

The legacy of my elders

When you are raised by Dutiful Ones, you are mantled with high expectations about your individual contribution to society

My mother died last month at the age of 93. Active and mentally spry throughout her eighties, her 91st birthday marked a shocking physical depletion that coincided with a steady break from the world.

She was letting go.

First, she stopped summoning her computer guru every time a technical glitch interrupted her internet use, and then she stopped communicating with friends and family by email.

Next, I noticed she was using her landline exclusively, while her iPhone sat unused in her purse. After a year of fiddling with her new iPad, she made a gift of it to me.

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When suicide hits home

The topic of suicide is a sensitive one. Talking about it can be frightening for some, even embarrassing, but since receiving a federal Youth Suicide Prevention grant, the staff at the Center for Health and Learning have discovered a willingness on the part of those personally affected by a...

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