Brittany Moyna

High school as a hurdle

Six lanes stretch before each runner, and 10 hurdles are positioned approximately 10 meters apart for the total of a 100-meter sprint, waiting for the starter to signal: on your mark, get set, go!

That exhilarating moment sets nerves wracking and fluttering, testing our patience, creating a slow progression and then he fires; we're off!

We want to accomplish the task in front of us and do so in the most efficient way possible. This challenge embodies everlasting motivation through trial and error, endless meets prior to the state competition, practicing, researching strategies and different techniques to enhance performance, and preparing for the future, for what comes next, for what happens after the gun!

From the day we stepped foot into the maze of Bellows Falls Union High School to the day we took our last final exam, our time as students has been our preparation, our pre-game, and this moment - our graduation - is our state championship. We're here, and everything we have experienced since we entered the doors of Bellows Falls Union high school is ours.

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