Tim Kipp

On Lester Dunklee's legacy and importance to Brattleboro

Another icon and era in Vermont has passed with the retirement of Lester Dunklee and the closing of the R.F. Dunklee Machine Shop on Flat Street in Brattleboro.

Two marvelous articles in the Brattleboro Reformer and The Commons perfectly captured the legacy of Lester, the family, and the shop - and their importance in our history.

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A corny solution

The recent conflict over the Brattleboro Union High School team names is a healthy one, and the WSESD board's decision to change the image is necessary and proper given society's evolving concepts of equality. Removing the blinders of white privilege benefits us all. Here's a recommendation that came from...

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Our slow-motion judicial coup

A longtime BUHS history teacher looks at the historic, corporate, political, and social forces have been working since the post–World War II era to drive a slow-motion hijacking of our judicial system by the extreme right

1 ‘A supremely political court’ Thomas Jefferson called the United States Supreme Court the “despotic branch.” Historically the least democratic of the three branches, this tribunal — unelected to life terms with no codified ethical standards — has overwhelmingly served elite political and corporate interests over citizen rights. What...

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Impossible to measure the loss of Hotel Pharmacy

Our town is about to lose a cherished family business: Hotel Pharmacy will close its doors after four decades. It is really impossible to measure the loss until it happens. While never taken for granted, they — like a good family member — have always been here when you needed them. The Giamartinos and their wonderful longtime staff have always provided essential professional medical services and support not found in most doctors’ offices. They could help one navigate the absurdities...

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Zuckerman: vision and values align with Vermont

David Zuckerman has been a leading home- grown Vermont Progressive for 22 years, first as a legislator and then as lieutenant governor. An organic farmer by trade, his work in Vermont is not done. He is running for his former position. Social, economic, and environmental justice has been his platform throughout his political life. Racial equality, reproductive rights, equal marriage, workers' rights to unionize, paid family leave, livable wages, and defending the environment are the values that have sustained him...

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Yes — but what about the atrocities in Yemen?

The vicious seven-year war on Yemen by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates is an ongoing humanitarian crisis aided and abetted by the United States. The media and the U.S. Congress decry Russia's imperial destruction of Ukraine. Yes - but what about the atrocities in Yemen? The U.S. supplies the majority of weapons that kill the children, women, and men of Yemen. The military-industrial-media complex is thriving under Biden and the Democratic congressional leadership. Hypocrisy is also thriving. According...

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A cogent critique of capitalism

What should one make of a recent commentary in the Reformer, “War is the answer”? Here are a couple of possible reactions: It's either a monumental Machiavellian act of cynicism or a ploy by a newspaper owner to gin up sales. Either way, it presents a cogent critique of capitalism.

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Haven’t we done enough?

Whoever painted this graffiti on a rock in the West River estuary, please desist. Haven't we already done enough to the Abenaki lands?

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