Tom Chase

The creeping crud of hippie socialists

The real side of the recent Townshend zoning proposal was really to eliminate or control any business by a few activists. Over time, such activists don't want electricity generation, solar panels, billboards, bird and bat killings at windmills, trash burning, biomass plants, cell towers, natural-gas pipelines - and on and on.

Now, new establishments are in their sights, as they say “not in my backyard” and desire to control the multitudes.

Of the 110 people who signed and want a study, they should foot the bill at $545.50 per signer, not innocent property owners. You want it, you pay for it. But these activists rely on other people's money to fund their whims.

I'd rather have a Dollar Tree. It might save Townshend people, including town officials (taxers), from going to New Hampshire (where I've seen them) to save sales taxes. Let's hope the Vermont Department of Taxes catches them there.

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Charter schools are the answer to a bloated educational bureaucracy

I wrote a letter just before the April 2 special election, when the vote for additional funding was to be “reconsidered” after the first failed vote on the Leland & Gray budget on Feb. 5. I mentioned they would keep reconsidering a vote that didn't go their way until...

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Vote, vote, and vote again on local school budgets

I find it interesting, when voters vote down a school proposal/request for additional funds, they can't acknowledge the vote and let it be. No, they have to keep “reconsidering” until they get what they want. It's an empire expansion. They know people can't keep returning to vote, vote, and...

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Social Security confiscates people’s hard-earned money

Has anyone contacted Senator Bernie Sanders about the Social Security Trust Fund status? I have. He repeatedly states that the “fund” will remain totally solvent well into the late 2000s and says it has many trillions of dollars backing it up. A politician's view. I asked about the money confiscated for years from working people who die before getting any return, money that is lost to their families. Galveston, Texas teachers have a nice, private program with great returns. It's...

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Let's keep facts real regarding traffic safety

RE: “Slow down for safety's sake,” [Letters, June 26]: Susan Avery describes a faked “accident.” (To alarm people?) I hope her contrived scenario isn't realized, but there are real events that need exposure. Yes, there are speeders, but that's only half of the reality. Yes, speed kills, but ignorant people can maim or kill themselves and others without speeding. Brattleboro's heavy street traffic eliminates “speeding.” The bigger problem is the way people jump into the streets without looking - many...

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