Marcia Hylan

'The way to insure peace is to stop the oppression, not blast a population to death'

Dear Rep. Balint:

I am writing to you in response to recent remarks on VtDigger.

First, I want you to know that I, too, am horrified and saddened by the violence committed by both Hamas and Israel. I hope that you will take a moment to read why I support a ceasefire and why your responses so far have left me with much confusion.

You say that you are working with the Biden administration to push Israel to follow humanitarian and international laws related to this conflict. It should be clear that this is not working. Telling people to evacuate and then bombing the evacuation route probably breaks some law. And we all know that this has not happened out of the blue. Israel has a well documented history of attacking hospitals, homes, and schools of Palestinians.

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Tired of waiting for the patriarchy

I just want to thank Anna Mullany for her excellent response. A country that ignores its faults allows those crimes to perpetuate insidiously. As a woman I can only contain my rage for so long. We just pretend that women are equal. Women are on their own fighting for...

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Chevalier, Golob, and Johnson-Aplin deserve Newfane votes

As a voter of Newfane I am pleased to support three candidates for Selectboard on the ballot for this Town Meeting Day, March 1. We have two incumbents - Ann Golob and Katy Johnson-Aplin - who have shown us their skills and commitment to town governance for all Newfane...

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Retreat stance on opioid policy raises questions, reflects apathy

I appreciate the excellent Special Focus section on the opioid epidemic. However, this sidebar left me feeling discouraged, with more questions than answers, because apparently the answer to the question posed in the headline is “no.” The excuses that the Brattleboro Retreat's senior director of patient care services, Kurt White, gives to this question indicate what is wrong with this country. He relays that we can look at what other countries do, but “not every country has the same set-up...

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In Newfane, a stark difference in civility

I was disappointed in the coverage of the Newfane Selectboard meeting. It did not reflect the context in which the meeting was held - specifically, the vitriol expressed by the few opposed to the anti-bias training, leading to many feeling traumatized and unsafe. It focused on the first meeting and neglected to cover the most recent meeting during which the vitriol and disrespect continued. There is a stark difference in civility between those who favor and those who oppose the...

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Zuckerman: Support for public schools and public health

As a Vermont citizen, I realize that we have been really lucky during the pandemic. I am grateful that Gov. Scott used science and the guidance available to keep Vermonters safe. However, in the bigger picture, I have been alarmed at our governor's unwillingness to fund our public schools. Gov. Scott says that we need to attract people and families to Vermont, and yet the public education that families need and want will not be supported if he has his...

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A simple climate solution: quit buying SUVs

Are we really going to just wait for our government to change the laws regarding the miles per gallon a vehicle should get? The industry says we don't want these cars that get better mileage and that we want lots of room and for the gas prices to go down. Can we prove the industry wrong? According to the Harper's Index, our penchant for SUVs has placed that type of vehicle as the number-two contributor to our increased carbon emissions...

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The ACA should be a starting point

With the battle over the Affordable Care Act in the news, I have been troubled by the vigor with which we are trying to save it. Although the ACA could be seen as a breakthrough in “health care” for the United States, I see it as bolstering the insurance game we're already playing. The ACA guarantees a profit for the insurance industry. We are forced to pay a penalty if we don't sign up. We are told that we are...

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