Peter Abell

Colvin should be in the history books

Yes, I am aware that Rosa Parks was not the first Black person to refuse to give up her seat on the Montgomery bus.

Claudette Colvin was 15 and pregnant, and a conscious decision was made by the folks planning the bus boycott to have Rosa Parks be the one, as they felt that she, rather than Claudette, would garner greater sympathetic news coverage.

I feel bad for Claudette, as she was really the first one who I know of to refuse. She should be in the history books.


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Whose responsibility is it to remove construction signs?

The new bridge over the West River is lovely. The one over Upper Dummerston Road is also attractively executed. It appears that the work on and around this latter bridge is completed, as I see nothing being done now. It is time for the “Road Work Ahead” and “End...

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Thanks for the steady stream of support

Thank you to more than 170 community members who are contributing their urine to the Rich Earth Institute's research project. We have already collected about 2,000 gallons out of our 3,000-gallon goal for 2013. On behalf of our board of directors, we offer our heartfelt appreciation to this diverse...

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