Dr. Stanton Ballard

Taking a look at the math behind Winstanley’s solar project

Your article on the Winstanley Enterprises solar project [“Site near I-91 eyed for 2-megawatt solar array,” News, July 10] was very interesting and informative. I am an advocate of renewable energy sources and am glad when the public has a chance to be educated about them.

In doing so, however, it is vitally important to present the numerical data on costs and benefits in the fairest of all lights so that the public can form independent opinions.

In the article, Dan Ingold of Western Solutions is quoted as saying that, “based on 2010 data from Efficiency Vermont - the most recent data available - Brattleboro residents used about 39 kilowatt-hours of power.”

The next paragraph states that the Winstanley solar project will provide 3 million Kw-hr of power. If one looks at the data as stated in the article (and interpolates the time scales correctly), one could use simple math to project that the solar project would produce an excess of 2,999,961 Kw-hr of energy per year.

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