Mary Brewster

A sad shift of focus

RE: “Visions, values, and tragedy” [Special Focus, July 17]:

Great journalism - full picture. I remember Richard Gagnon as very helpful and kind, although I'm sure he would not remember me. I do not condone his act of violence. I do and did feel the shift of focus at the new co-op. It's sad all around: the end of many ideals, goals, and regard for the community.

This situation comes as no surprise to me. I used to be a member of the co-op but was very much opposed to the new building of the store. In this economy, I reasoned that we should stay small, continue to thrive, continue to serve the community - not become Whole Foods with all the debt that accompanies such a move. I cannot support the milking of a community in the name of some long-lost principle.

And now, the loss of jobs for people who have worked at the co-op for years. Shame on all the decision-makers who killed the goose that laid the golden egg.

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