Ainslie Gilligan

For one resident, Strand Avenue project proves you can't trust the process

Strand Avenue - that once-tiny and picturesque road beloved by town walkers which connects busy Western Avenue to busy Williams Street - is undergoing reconstruction, with the replacement of two retaining walls and addition of a lane to the top of the road. A real, actual bona fide second lane.

Strand Avenue residents, shown only rough plans several years ago, thought their one-lane road would be “slightly” widened to 16 feet. But upper Strand will become two genuine 8-foot “minimum-width” lanes, as described by the Selectboard at its July 16 meeting.

Moreover, although on final plans Strand Avenue appears to be 16 feet tightly flanked by new walls, the distance between such walls at the actual site is 21{1/2} feet.

What's going on here?...

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