Edith Gould

Tenuous position

A diminishing Vermont Yankee workforce must cope with an aging plant in need of more attention, not less. Is it time for Entergy to have an open discussion about decommissioning the nuclear power plant?

After two weeks living under the threat by parent company Entergy Corporation of a full 10 percent in staffing cuts, workers at Vermont Yankee must be breathing a little easier now that they have learned that number to be just under 5 percent, or 30 positions.

Could it have been worse?

As reported by the Rutland Herald on July 31, Entergy Vice President Terry Young explained shuttering Vermont Yankee or any of its nuclear power plants was never considered a cost-cutting option for the company.

It's as if Entergy is afraid to even give voice to the thought, much less have a public discussion, of the possibility of closing the plant.

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