George Raymond

Gun-control advocates don’t buy guns

As I asked gun-control advocates at a meeting in Bellows Falls recently, “Why don't you trust me?”

I've never done anything to anyone from GunNonSense and they couldn't pick me out of a crowd, yet I'm not capable of good judgment.

Some gentleman (a supporter) started to spout the 40-percent-without-background-checks statistic and this “gun-show loophole.”

I asked if he has ever bought a firearm in Vermont or anywhere for that matter. His response was no.

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See you in Montpelier

RE: “Vermont's next gun debate heats up early” [News, Sept. 4]: We defeated proposed S-32 (“An Act Relating to Semiautomatic Assault Weapons and Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Devices”) last year, and we will defeat any proposed gun-control measures in the future. See you all in Montpelier.

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