Sara Longsmith

When women control their own lives, we will be free

Thanks for writing this, Diana Whitney, and for being an amazing and bitchy mama to two incredible girls.

I like Bitch Magazine's definition of the word “bitch” that Whitney quoted in her piece, but I will never forget the definition Patricia Ireland gave me when I was 19 years old: BITCH = being in total control of herself.

When women are in control of their own lives - and that means not allowing misogyny and sexism, whether it is interpersonal or institutional or systemic - then we will be free.


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Denying vaccine choice is fascist corporatism

The most beautifully written opinion I have yet to read on this subject. Thank you for sharing your voice, Enza Putignano. To deny our children and families choices for how we can all achieve optimal health - even here in rural Vermont - is surely condemning them to a...

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Parent wants passage of GMO labeling bill

As a parent, I am responsible for ensuring the health and well-being of my family. From the time my first child was born, I have chosen locally grown food as much as possible. But as a busy working mom, I also take shortcuts and buy convenience foods like tortillas,

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Palin reference discredited

I said "ouch" when I read Jim Austin's piece ["A contagion on our land," The Commons, January]. His mention of Sarah Palin thinking Africa was a country and not a continent was discredited, and it is widely known that she actually didn't say that. That should not have been allowed to print.

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