Kate Casa

False equivalency between the occupied and the occupiers

BRATTLEBORO-John Ungerleider has built a career at SIT and elsewhere around the false equivalency that the people of Israel and Palestine could achieve peace if they would come together to talk as coequal partners.

This normalization paints the Israeli occupation of Palestine as a benevolent and paternalistic system that would somehow evolve into peace if everyone could just sit in a circle, play guitars, and talk.

It requires the occupied - who have been displaced and dispossessed for more than 75 years - to make even more concessions to their occupier.

Israel's Zionist project - one of the last strongholds of western colonialism - is the basis for an apartheid system of military laws that deprive Palestinians of human and civil rights and elevate the expansionist claims of Israeli Jews to the land of Palestine.

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Oct. 7 was not Day 1 of Israel’s war on Palestinians

U.S. mainstream media does not have the courage of its own professed convictions when it comes to Palestine and Israel

What is happening in Palestine and Israel has finally put to a lie the pretense that the United States was or ever could be an "honest broker" - as Washington has long labeled itself - in negotiating a fair and just peace. Since Saturday, Oct. 7, regardless of whether...

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How can all-white municipal government be ‘diverse’?

It was deeply disturbing to hear a member of Brattleboro's decidedly homogenous, all-white Selectboard declare that even though the town has no employees of color, he considers town government “diverse.” I'm not going to try to parse what he meant by that. As a person of privilege, I admit...

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Contact Washington about new USCCR appointments

Below is an e-mail I just sent to President Obama about the recent vote by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights to remove Curtiss Reed Jr. as head of the commission's Vermont State Advisory Committee [The Commons, Dec. 9]. I encourage you to use this message, modify it, or write your own to the president, urging him to fill two vacancies on the commission so that the panel may revisit the ill-advised and misguided decision to remove Curtiss. Here's the...

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