Will Fielding

Colorful joy

Why we dance, and why we’d like others to join us

For four decades and counting, Morris dancing has colored the cultural landscape of Brattleboro and New England. Performed outside in the springtime, often in front of a pub or some other local landmark, this traditional dance form originally from England is a colorful, joyous celebration of spring.

Three years ago, a group of dancers formed a new Morris team in southern Vermont. The first performance of the team called Windham took place at the grand opening of the Putney General Store in 2010.

The following May, Windham danced at the Marlboro Morris Ale, an event held each Memorial Day for over 30 years where 200 dancers converge on Brattleboro and the surrounding area for a weekend of dancing.

Windham took everyone by surprise. One longtime Morris dancer remarked that “Windham has the most exciting dancing we've seen in a dog's age.”...

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