Michael Bosworth

For Gaza protest, blocking of Main Street was a mistake

On Dec. 23, I, joining many others, attended the Pliny Park (Brattleboro) protest of the Israeli bombardment of Gaza.

I think it is irrefutable that the Hamas attack on innocent Israeli citizens on Oct. 7 was horrific and an abomination. In my opinion, however, the actions of Israel's Netanyahu-led right-wing government have been an abomination for years now, encouraging more and more Israeli settlement of Palestinian lands.

Also, I believe the unquestioning support of the U.S. for Israel, and the extensive military support that has gone along with it, are now an abomination, even if not originally so.

For the most part, I found the Pliny Park protest well-run. When an obvious Israel supporter marched up and down High Street waving an Israeli flag, no one tried to stop her. When a self-avowed Zionist yelled at the top of his lungs, trying to interrupt the protest speeches, no one tried to stop him. Several of the anti-Gaza-bombing, pro-Palestinian-land-rights speakers were themselves Jewish and were more effective because they made that clear.

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In today’s Middle East, echoes of our region’s history

In King Philip’s War, Indigenous peoples fought back violently after colonists more viciously stripped them of their land and their rights to its use

My knowledge of the Israel/Hamas situation is superficial at best. While I know some about the history and some about the current situation, I have never studied it in any depth. My own DNA has no Jewish or Palestinian percentages. Over 18 years ago I did marry into a...

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'I see a lot of good being done. I don't see a lot of restraint in making choices, in prioritizing.'

I left Brattleboro's Representative Town Meeting on March 25 perturbed. A lot of good was voted for. Not much restraint was in evidence. I was also unsettled because I think a lot of District 1 (now District 7) residents would not agree with all the spending that was approved,

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Charter amendment is not a good fit or fix for Brattleboro

I have been following the letters and public hearings and coverage regarding the proposed amendment to the Brattleboro Town Charter relating to evictions of housing tenants. What BSAG Realty has done to tenants at Westbrook Court is, I believe, an example of why some persons and entities choose to be absentee owners: so they do not have to even see the faces of the people whose lives they are completely upending. I am also convinced, however, that we have many...

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A sense of the battle

The monument in West Kingston, Rhode Island to the Great Swamp Fight of Dec. 19, 1675 commemorates the vicious clash between colonial militia (and some of their Native American allies) and the Narragansett people. I can trace the portion of me who is a Bosworth back to one of the colonists who fought that day, John Bosworth. While I was growing up, my family was proud that my father's paternal line, though not among the 1620 Pilgrims, had immigrated to...

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Broad-brush remark only further divides our politics

Jim Dandeneau, executive director of the Vermont Democratic Party, has said, “We know the Vermont Republican Party is filthy with insurrectionist sympathizers.” What possible general good was Dandeneau thinking would come from this broad-brush remark? Is the thought of Vermonters becoming ever more divided, ever more uncivil to one another (as use of the word “filthy” certainly helps to further), a strategy Dandeneau is pursuing? It certainly seems so. While as a rule I vote for (and sometimes contribute to)

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Family values

I was raised a Catholic, as was my father before me and I believe his father before him. While I did not attend parochial elementary or high schools, I did matriculate at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Mass. I have not, though, been a practicing Catholic since the age of 25, more than four and a half decades ago. One of the primary reasons I left the Church was because of its paternalistic nature. There are still...

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Who is making the policy?

Leading up to Brattleboro's March 20–21 Annual Representative Town Meeting (ARTM), the one issue I was cogitating most extensively about was the relationship between the body's Human Services budget and the Community Safety Review Team's report (CSRTR). The intersection of these two topics, however, did not fit squarely into any article on the warning, and so it never actually came up. I would, however, like to raise this publicly now in the hopes that it will generate a useful exchange...

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