Doug Cox

Thoughts about our working landscape

If there is a beauty to the landscape, it derives from our affinity with the values represented in its shaping and the skill with which a healthy balance is achieved

The experience and evolution of Vermont's working landscape has been in my thinking recently, particularly as our communities work on issues of solar arrays, wind towers, and zoning regulations with respect to views and landscaping.

In my personal life, I struggle with my own 12 acres. How do I shape this land in a way that authentically fits my values and aesthetic sense, as well as my time and energy?

I am aware that what my property looks like tells a lot about me and that it communicates who I am, and my values, to my clients (affecting my sales as a violin maker), friends, and anyone else who chances onto this property on which I live.

“Imagining Vermont: Values and Vision for the Future”, written by the Council on the Future of Vermont and published by the Vermont Council on Rural Development in 2009, does a good job describing the history, value, and possible future of our landscape. It is worth being familiar with this report, and my thoughts and observations here build on the thinking in that document.

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