Steve Smith

Editing error implied ignorance of original biblical text

My letter included a reference to the Old Testament figures Abram and Sarai, who were the perpetrators of the famous blackmail scheme involving the Pharaoh of Egypt. At the time they pulled off their grift, they were, in fact, named Abram and Sarai. Yaweh later changed their names to Abraham and Sarah, apparently as a reward for their complicity.

Your editor, however, changed their names himself, which had the effect of making my comments appear ignorant of the original Genesis text.

I would appreciate that you acknowledge your errors. Clearly, if it meant enough for God to change their names, it should matter that your newspaper gets it right.


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Truck driver has nothing on murderous, petty, misogynist God

It's ironic that Suzie Webster-Toleno, M.Div., finds a contraindication to “our culture of toxic masculinity” in Scripture. Beginning with God's complicity in the classic blackmail scheme of Abraham and Sarah, in which they shame the noble Pharaoh into buying them off with uncountable riches (a scam they repeated years...

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Commons served up a ‘feast of innuendo and cloudy reasoning’

I take issue with Christopher Bridges essay expressing unhappiness about being incorrectly accosted for shoplifting at Hannaford's. More to the point, I take issue with The Commons featuring this feast of innuendo and cloudy reasoning. Bridges' allegation - “ask any person who doesn't have white skin […] their feelings...

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