Rebecca Jones M.D.

The Marlboro Man in a 1968 television commercial.

We can break the car’s cultural grip

Passenger vehicles are harmful to life, limb, and our planetary existence, but a world that’s non-car-centric is unimaginable. Then again, 50 years ago, so was a world that frowned on smoking in public.

At midnight on Jan. 1, 1971, it became illegal under federal law for U.S. TV stations to air cigarette ads. At the time, roughly 38% of adults smoked, down from a high of 45% in 1954.

While it took until 2018 for most states to ban public smoking, there was a significant and steady decrease in smoking over those four decades.

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We can address the climate crisis — with a culture shift

I am sitting on my back porch in the 95-plus degree weather, having just read headlines stating that Spain has put a restriction on air conditioning, and I feel like I am seeing a near future where heat becomes inescapable and more deadly. And I imagine hearing people say,

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Asserting our right to change the system

Just because the health industry has a stranglehold on our medical system doesn’t mean we have to pretend to like it

About 10 years ago, I joined a group of neighbors fighting to protect farmland from development in our rural part of Massachusetts, an area that has escaped much of the development Boston has enjoyed. There are still large tracts of land free of structures, and much of it is...

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