Daniel Cohen

Long past time for Windham County drivers to begin respecting pedestrians, bikers

The weather has been great recently. Unfortunately, pedestrian safety is still a major issue a year after the hit-and-run.

One Monday night, it was the failure of a large pickup to yield in the crosswalk when I was facing traffic with my snow-white hand sticking straight out into the crosswalk clearly indicating intention to cross - which is the rule of law, giving me right of way.

Early afternoon the next day, within 45 minutes, came three serious intent-to-injure failures to yield. All three times, I was facing traffic, just off the sidewalk, with my arm fully extended as before.

Two of these incidents happened on Putney Road. The last took place near the post office where a gentleman related his experience last week on Western Avenue with a pickup (it's almost always pickups) brushing him.

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A serious ostrich mentality

It takes a serious ostrich mentality to assert that this nation takes care of its poor. Since Reagan emptied the psych wards, we have had a homeless crisis. San Diego's current solution is to give the homeless a one-way bus ticket out of town. The current solution is to...

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Marijuana policy debate deserves full context

If you want to deal with cannabis use as a health issue -and as this article stands, the author must also acknowledge the numerous studies and anecdotal evidence that cannabinoid products have medicinal use as well as “negative mental health” impacts - than from an intellectual void comes the...

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Hardly a mandate

A 38-vote margin is hardly a mandate in any arena. Of all registered voters, about 5.7 percent were counted as in favor of the local-option sales tax, and about 5.3 percent against it. A hefty 11-percent turnout would be rejected as a boycotted vote if we applied the standards of the United Nations. What's appalling is that the author completely omits that the vote was up front and nonbinding. Yet she insists it formed a mandate, whereas it is a...

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Anti-pedestrian priorities and Commons story: shameful and pathetic

Town Hall's anti-pedestrian attitude has grown to attributing the pedestrians deaths to the pedestrian while leaving the driver blameless. This notion is shamefully reinforced by this article, and reality needs to bite hard on the backside of those who can make a difference. Alice Charkes wants “pedestrians ... to not be hit by [motorists] [and] bicyclists not hit [pedestrians].” Too bad she doesn't see to care about motorists hitting pedestrians. Here's a few rules of thumb for motorists that were...

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Look to Northampton for road safety

While I haven't been to Keene in decades, Northampton, Mass., also is an excellent place to look for traffic calming ideas. That community's Main Street is the most pedestrian-friendly and safest road I've personally seen in New England.

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