Sophia Howlett, PhD

Dreamers deserve to pursue their lives with full rights and freedom

With great sadness, I need to comment, once again, on social injustice impacting our community and our country.

The reversal of the executive order shielding young, law-abiding, undocumented immigrants from deportation is cruel to the hopes and aspirations of a group of young people who have grown up in our midst, and it is directly contradictory to the national ethos of the United States.

Whereas the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program aimed to provide a pathway to a legal and fulfilling future for these young people, this ill-considered reversal exposes them to deportation once their permits are expired.

It is a bitter irony that these individuals - our “Dreamers” - have voluntarily brought themselves forward and registered with the U.S. government as an act of faith in their country (the only country they have ever known) and their country's government.

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A modest proposal for the guys

I've noticed a few things of late. Two things, actually. First, most public men's rooms have one urinal, which probably requires very little water to flush, and maybe one or two toilets, each of which requires considerably more water to flush than the urinal. Second, most men are wicked...

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