Andrea McAuslan

Challenge to candidates: adapt campaigns, activities to accommodate people with disabilities

If you are a person with disabilities or someone who cares about disability issues, please let all 2016 Vermont statewide candidates know that the need for accessible and inclusive campaigns is very real. Tell them what makes something accessible for you and helps you feel included!

As a person who has a 50-year interest and involvement in the concerns of people with disabilities, and now as a person with disabilities myself, I am contacting statewide candidates with a request and a challenge.

Often true leadership is not about what laws are proposed or passed, it is about how lawmakers conduct themselves, what they show the public is important to them, and solutions they develop, promote, and implement outside of their government service.

Therefore, I request all candidates, without regard to party politics, accept my challenge: conduct your campaigns in a manner that makes them accessible to people with disabilities.

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Get real

We have had it with broken promises, spin, and doublespeak from the state about broadband availability

For at least 12 years, I have been working off and on with other citizens to bring broadband to Marlboro. Currently, there is significant coverage here, though not 99 percent. Just last July I received DSL capability. I question whether there is 99 percent coverage statewide as well. At...

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