Marty Cohn

Allbee can work with any of the other candidates

I am voting for Roger Allbee on Aug. 26.

Roger has served our country in the U.S. Army in special weapons with the rank of captain.

He has served our community as the chief executive officer and administrator of Grace Cottage Hospital/Carlos G. Otis Health Care Center in Townshend. And he served our state as secretary of agriculture, food, and markets.

He has the background, experience, and commitment to serve us in the State Senate. And, once you meet him you recognize that he has a way to bring people with differing viewpoints together to get a mix of ideas and approaches to work through issues.

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Brattleboro Rotary Club’s Christmas Tree Fundraiser was a success

Thank you for your support of the annual Brattleboro Rotary Club Christmas Tree fundraiser. Since 1965, the Brattleboro Rotary Club has sold Christmas trees to raise money for local student scholarships. Four hundred Vermont-grown trees were sold and netted $5,500 for Gateway Foundation, a local fund to support scholarships...

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