Dart Everett

Sorry to see them go:

Good-bye, Gartenstein and DeGrey

I have been observing and interacting with Brattleboro Selectboards for over 40 years. I have witnessed some very good boards and some pretty poor boards. Most have been average.

I don't rate boards on whether they agree with my positions, but rather on their willingness to listen and to consider various points of view with some objectivity, on how they treat citizens at meetings, and on the truthfulness of their deliberations.

I would rate the board of the past five-plus years above average. Meetings are properly structured so citizens have adequate opportunities to speak. Board members are attentive and ask questions without putting down the speaker. Both the staff and board show professionalism.

All good things must come to an end, but I am sorry to see Dave Gartenstein and Dick DeGray go.

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NorthStar will bring good jobs to community

As a longtime Windham County resident, I concur that southern Vermont has the residents and resources to revitalize a thriving community. He brings up a real challenge that has plagued the area before, and now especially after, Vermont Yankee's closure: a shortage of good jobs. Without well-paying jobs, we...

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A free press must demand accountability in campaign finance, health-care reform

A letter from Rep. Jeanette White in the Brattleboro Reformer explained that the Reformer had been started to offset the Republican-leaning Phoenix. This makes me think that maybe the Phoenix should rise from the ashes. The Reformer has been so one-sided for 30 years that it's almost as though...

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Shumlin in la-la landabout health-care funding

There are two fairly obvious conclusions one can draw from Gov. Peter Shumlin's recent statements: Statement: A plan for funding Shumlincare will not be made public until 2017. Conclusion: Shumlin is hoping Sen. Patrick Leahy won't run for reelection in 2016. Shumlin will run against U.S. Representative Peter Welch and thinks he can win, or he and Welch have a deal that they won't compete and Welch will support Shumlin for the seat Welch will vacate. Either way, Shumlin will...

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How are we going to pay for ShumlinCare?

Sen. Peter Galbraith, D-Windham, has introduced S.252 in the Vermont Senate as proposed financing of ShumlinCare (Green Mountain Care). It seems Sen. Galbraith is calling Gov. Shumlin's bluff. Act 48, Sec. 9 of the state health-care reform law, passed in 2011, directs that financing plans be prepared and submitted to the legislature by Jan. 15, 2013. This is a law which the Governor continues to ignore. He continues to refuse to release a study paid for by taxpayers which, reportedly,

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