HB Lozito

LGBTQ+ liberation march: ‘None of our work is about one thing’

The writer is executive director of Out in the Open, an organization connecting rural LGBTQ+ people to build community, visibility, knowledge, and power.

BRATTLEBORO-I'm writing to share more context about our Rural LGBTQ Liberation March and to also correct some misperceptions that the article covering our work in last week's Commons has created. There is quite a bit about the march that this article misses.

Yes, there were chants about ending occupation and about ending genocide. As an organization we support an immediate and lasting ceasefire in Gaza. You can read our statement from the fall about that on the Out in the Open (OITO) website at weareoutintheopen.org/blog/ceasefire-now.

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Quipp: Engaged, thoughtful, and collaborative

As a member of Representative Town Meeting, as a Selectboard Meeting attendee, and as a Brattleboro community member, I have witnessed Daniel Quipp act as a thoughtful and measured leader on the board over the past two years. I respect the way that Daniel carefully considers each issue that...

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What function is this group actually serving?

The Citizen Police Communication Committee in Brattleboro is supposed to be holding the police accountable to a panel of civilians. The group’s minutes say otherwise.

Selectboard Chair Tim Wessel recently put out some information he gained directly from Police Chief Mike Fitzgerald, which sparked my desire to look back at recent Citizen Police Communication Committee meeting notes and agendas to see if reality aligned with the information being presented. On June 12, when I...

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Our hearts break

Our hearts break with sadness for 49 more beautiful and fabulous LGBTQ people being needlessly ripped from this earth. At the same time, our hearts break open with anger when we find ourselves within a culture and society that continue to create a world where queers are not able to donate blood to our families, even in times of emergency; where colonialist borders and immigration laws unjustly keep LGBTQ people apart; where we are imprisoned for things like fighting back...

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People, not participles

Thanks for the great coverage of the film Boy Meets Girl! It's wonderful to have the support of The Commons for our work and this event. I wanted to send a quick note regarding the use of the word “transgendered” in the article. “Transgender” is an adjective - used to describe folks and their gender identity - and should not have an “-ed” added.

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Drag is fun, but drag is also resistance

Thanks to The Commons for providing great coverage of the fabulous Royal Flush Valentine's Day drag show! As a member of Brattleboro's LGBTQ community, I wanted to respond to several comments that were made near the end of the article. I love living in Brattleboro and love the LGBTQ community of this region, but it can certainly be isolating as times as well. Isolation is one of the main challenges facing our rural queer community. While there are many spaces...

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