Isaac Evans-Frantz

Child care law invests in future generations

With the passage of the groundbreaking legislation, Vermont takes a decisive stand in support of families — and places our smallest, most vulnerable Vermonters at the forefront

In June, the Vermont Legislature demonstrated strong commitment to families by overriding the governor's veto and enacting the 2023 Child Care Bill into law.

This landmark legislation, investing $125 million annually into the child care system through sustainable and fiscally responsible public investment, stabilizes Vermont's child care sector. It also represents a monumental leap forward in providing accessible, high-quality child care for all Vermont families.

By championing this law, Vermont has positioned itself as a national leader in child care, an achievement that should fill us all with pride.

The law's expansion of eligibility means about 7,500 more Vermont children and their families will have access to child care financial assistance. Increased public funding will help bolster child care programs' staffing and capacity. The law sets the stage for increased investments in Vermont's early childhood education workforce and in minimum-pay standards for educators.

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Time for Bernie to act on Yemen

Vermonters urged Sen. Bernie Sanders to lead on ending the Yemen War, and he agreed. Now he must do it.

On Aug. 10, as Sen. Bernie Sanders met with seniors in Brattleboro, Action Corps Vermont members submitted questions from Vermonters, he recommitted to taking action in the Senate to reclaim congressional constitutional responsibility over war, including in Yemen. Now is the time for Bernie to make good on that...

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We may not be able to stop the floods. But we can make a difference.

We have just experienced Vermont’s worst climate-related disaster in nearly 100 years. We need to stay safe, pitch in with relief and reconstruction, and address the root causes of the catastrophe.

As I drove up Putney Road through the rain recently, I passed a woman pushing a shopping cart, full of rain-soaked bedding. Over the days since, I have wondered how she fared. In Brattleboro, the flood was particularly disruptive to people living in tents and mobile homes, exacerbating our...

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‘This is a moment for all of us to show up’

The workers in Windham County who deliver public and human services are much-loved unsung heroes of our towns. On April 3, a tragic death occurred at Morningside House, the shelter run by Groundworks Collaborative. Groundworks is one of the recipients of a few thousand dollars each year from the Town of Brattleboro. Our human services workers - at Groundworks and beyond - show up every day to provide the tough work of providing care in a fraying and violent society.

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Support charter change to protect tenants and prevent homelessness

Nationally, tenants saw a 17.2% increase in their average rents in 2021 alone. In Brattleboro and beyond, out-of-state corporate landlords are kicking out existing tenants who pay their rent and follow the rules in order to jack up the rent for the tenants who follow. As I biked across Vermont as part of my U.S. Senate campaign this past summer, I heard this same story in Barre, in Burlington, and then back home again in Brattleboro. “To prevent evictions,” the...

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Burke, Kornheiser, Toleno deserve re-election as Brattleboro reps

I am excited to endorse Brattleboro's State Representatives Mollie S. Burke, Emilie Kornheiser, and Tristan Toleno for re-election to the Vermont Legislature. Over the course of my campaign for U.S. Senate in the August Democratic primary, I came to know each of our representatives better, and more fully appreciate their commitment to our community, and their hard work for a better future for all Vermonters. Rep. Mollie S. Burke I have known since I was a child growing up in...

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Artu and Hashim will bring new energy, experience to Senate

I am excited to support the campaigns of Wichie Artu and Nader Hashim. These two young men have proven track records delivering results for the people of Windham County and will bring needed new energy and experience to the Vermont Senate. Both Wichie and Nader care deeply about our community. I first connected with Wichie when he, as a vice president of the Windham County NAACP, helped my husband and me obtain a Covid vaccine. He showed initiative and concern...

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So much for ‘local control’

As voting rights are under attack nationally, Brattleboro residents voted in 2019 to go a different path and expand the right to vote in local elections to 16- and 17-year-olds. On Feb. 11, however, Gov. Phil Scott signaled he would veto this change to the town's charter. Gov. Scott has hidden behind cries for “local control” in burdening local school officials with mask policy-setting and blowback. But when it comes to expanding voting rights, apparently he has no respect for...

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